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When you live in a Local Leumeah home or Sydney home you’re far more likely to encounter a termite problem at some time in your property. There are a lot of termites in Macarthur / Campbelltown areas and they’re always looking for a food source. 

How do we inspect for termites?
Our trained technicians at Campbelltown Pest Control do a thorough inspection of your home or property, both interior and exterior, looking for evidence of termite activity and potential entry points.

If your home is a high risk or unprotected from termite’s you need termite control as termites will forage for food source, this could easily be found within your walls of your home. Not to mention, there can be over one million termites living in a single colony and it is not uncommon to find two colonies within the same proximity of another.

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If your home has no protection from termites, don’t wait another day thinking about it.
Whether you have termites in your home already or want to take action before it’s too late we can help.
We offer a wide range of termite control services to meet all your termite control needs.

Get Rid of Termites from your home.
When you’re dealing with a termite pest that has the potential to do the kind of damage to both your home and wallet as termites can, it pays to get the help you need as quickly as possible from campbelltown pest control.

Termite swarming season is another variable that can catch home and business owners off guard.

Each year, as the weather warms up, termite swarmers begin emerging en masse, normally just before and just after christmas.

Termites a looking for food sauce and your home is the perfect place for them to start. Prepare yourself with a trusted local pest control, our experts are here to help.


Whether you need preventative termite treatment or a treatment for ACTIVE TERMITES we will need to complete a full termite inspection prior to any termite treatments, this is so we can identify the type of termites and what type of service we will need to apply to your home.
During this inspection, we will check the interior and exterior, and any accessible roof voids and Subfloor spaces to look for signs of termites, termite damage, water damage, and water leaks that need repair.

Once our inspection is complete, we’ll create a report detailing our findings, then discuss the results with you.
We’ll let you know what we found, offer advice on preventative measures you can take, and go into detail about our service and warranty options.

Termite Treatments

We offer several types of termite treatments based on your needs and the findings of our inspection.
Preventative treatment: We apply our preventative termite control to the structure and foundations and were we locate any termite activity.

The Most Common Termites Found In Macarthur / Campbelltown is Subterranean termite’s
We use Termidor® to eliminate subterranean termite infestations. Using the trench and treat method, we’ll apply Termidor® around the entire perimeter of your home to protect it from termites.

Termidor® is a product that termites can’t detect.

Once they pick it up on their bodies, they can transfer it to other colony members.
This transfer effect eventually eliminates the entire colony. This termite treatment includes up to an 8 year warranty.


Choosing the right termite treatment for your house depends on a few different factors, type of construction, areas infested, type of Termites, and your budget.

Type of Construction
The way your home was built can influence which termite treatment method will be best to apply, things such as the size of your home, size of your porches, were your gardens are, type of foundation, slab or on piers, this will all determine which termite products will be ideal for your property.

Areas Infested
If you already have a termite infestation, then it would be wise to act fast.
If termites are already in your property, applying an above ground baiting system can be installed on the activity to deal with the termite colony, this is fast way to control any infestation.
Then applying a liquid termiticide or a foam termiticide to eliminate a termite infestation quickly should be the next step, however this will depend on the type of construction your property is built from.

Subterranean termite’s

No property is safe from termites!

Formosan termites are one of the most aggressive and destructive types of termites. Like other termites, these termites are known for destroying wood by boring tunnels through walls. Just one Formosan termite colony can potentially contain more than 10 million individual termites taking up residence in a plot of soil.
As with other termite species, colonies of Formosan subterranean termite contain three primary castes: the reproductives (e.g. king, queen, alates or swarmers, and immature alates or nymphs), soldiers, and workers.

Termites are the cause of the greatest economic losses of timber in service in Australia. Independent data compiled by State Forestry shows 1 in every 5 homes is attacked by termites at some stage in its life.
More recent data would indicate that this is now as high as 1 in every 3, Australia’s homes are attacked by subterranean termite species, (white ants) are the most destructive timber pests in the world.
In fact it can take “as little as 3 months for a termite colony to severely damage almost all the timber in a home”.


Determining the termite treatment cost for a house will depend on the size and the type of construction.
Other variables may come into play such as rubble or debris in the subfloor that needs to be removed lifting and removing pavers or gardens.
For example, a house built on a concrete slab foundation will not require any work underneath like a home built with a subfloor would.
Both slab and subfloor homes will require trenching and treating the exterior foundation walls as well as drilling and treating porches or patios.
A slab construction home will most likely be brick veneer with gardens and pathways that must be drilled and treated. This is a variable that can drive up the cost due to the additional labor and termite chemicals it requires.
Termite baiting system installations are fairly consistent in cost since they require less labor by comparison.

Any active termite tubes can also influences the treatment price, limited inspections and conditions will also come into play of the cost of any treatments.
Every house is going to be a little different when it comes to pricing termite protection. However, getting a quote that is customized for your needs is FREE
The average cost for the stranded home can be from $3,500.00 to $7,700.00

You should also take into consideration that at Campbelltown Pest and  Termite Control we use some of the top termite control Chemicals, like Termidor in combination with Trelona (ATBS) Bait Stations.


Our Experience
We have been dealing with termites in Sydney for over 30 years.
We like to help home owners keep the property and family safe providing excellent results in termite control and pest control services.

Our Termite Experts
Our pest control team is made up of licensed & insured technicians who are experts when it comes to keeping termites out of your house. Family operated with Ken and son Jason at the helm, office staff, Karen, Jamie, Technicians ,Martin,Joey & Tony.
Our technicians go through continued training throughout the year and strive to provide you with our expert advice when it comes to protecting homes from termites.

Our Methods
We are passionate about making sure our termite control method we recommend is the best fit for your property and budget.
We take all the variables into consideration before we make any recommendation on your termite control, we are committed to only offering services that we would be recommend to our families.
We are experts in performing liquid termite treatments as well as termite baiting system installations. You can count on us to perform your chosen termite treatment in accordance with the Australian Standards.
We apply are modern control and we do it safely to protect your property and family.

Termite Warranty

Our termite control services include up to 8 year warranty. During the warranty period, we provide annual re-inspections.
We will investigate and retreat as necessary any reported termite problems at no extra charge as long as the treatment program is current and no programmed maintenance treatments have been missed. We know our warranty is the best in the business.
When you receive our warranty package for our treatment, you can rest easy knowing that your home or investment is in experienced and trustworthy hands.
If your home develops an active termite infestation while it is under our warranty, we take care of any additional treatments and repairs for you.
We have been protecting homes like yours for over 35 years, and we have only made it this far because of the commitment to our clients’ needs.

What You Can Do to Assist the Process

You can minimise termite attractive conditions by:

  • Removing any loose timber, trash and areas of direct wood to soil contact around your property.
  • Fixing faulty plumbing, leaks, or dampness caused by poor drainage.
  • Removing any dead trees and stumps since they are nesting sites for subterranean termites.
  • Increasing subfloor ventilation to the equivalent of 7,300 mm2 per lineal metre or more.
  • Raking garden beds away from structures to expose weep holes and the edge of concrete slabs.
  • Replacing untreated timber garden surrounds or retaining walls with termite resistant materials

Why Choose Campbelltown Pest and Termite Control?

So no matter what, you can be certain we’ll get the job done right!

We offer expert pest and termite control treatments designed to remove, control and prevent termites from invading your home or business.

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